About Us


If you're looking to order the highest grade farmed fresh Kratom at an affordable price you have come to the right place. We currently sell to vendors at bulk rate wholesale prices per kilograms as well as to individual customers in both capsules and fine powder form.

Our Mission

Our mission online is the same as for our brick and mortar retail vendors and that is to bring you the best and finest blend of freshly harvested high-alkaloid Borneo Kratom with no fillers or additives. Here at Five Star Kratom our customers are our top priority. We are confident we will meet all of your expectations, making sure we deliver fast and on time.

Who We Are

Since 2012 Five Star Kratom has been fulfilling our mission to provide the highest quality Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) straight from our farm in Indonesia and on to our satisfied customers. We have been the exclusive retail supplier of Premium Borneo for several smoke shops in the Tampa Bay area for over 5 years. Inspired by our overwhelming success, positive customer feedback, and demand, we decided to bring our product to the online world.


Got Questions?

Although we are currently a small 3 man operation we will always provide immediate service to our current and potential customers. Feel free to visit our Contact Us page with any questions you might have and we will reply back as soon as possible.

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